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For me, casual days are the best days.  And especially days when there are no set plans and you make them up as you go along.  This day was spent just driving around in the city.  So when we saw Wells Street completely empty we just had to pull over and take some snaps under the tracks.  One of the cool things about Chicago is that parts of its transit rail system goes above ground and over the streets.  Let’s just not talk about some of the derailments that happened over the years though…. super awk.  Wells street is really busy during the week as this is a main road to get into the Loop area where all the large corporate offices are and where most people work but during the weekend, this street can be pretty bare depending on which cross streets you are on.

Since this was just a random day roaming, I went for super comfort which usually means shorts and a tee.  And how fun are these shorts?  I love the giant studs on them.  These are actually vintage Levi’s   I styled it up a notch with my new fave lace up sandals, a gold chain, and over-sized sunnies.  And because these shorts are just a little too bootylicious and I do have more junk in my trunk than I would like, I needed to throw on this cardigan to hide my jiggly bits.  Because really… I wasn’t on my way to a street festival or anything where butt cheek bottom curves are mandatory and also no one really wants to see how my butt crack looks like it wants to eat my shorts.  Anyhoo, I hope you are all having a fantastic week!  And I hope you all enter the #DOSOFPREY giveaway!

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//  sweater – h&m  //  top – urban outfitters  //  shorts – coal and terry vintage  //  bag – michelle tan  //  necklace – thrifted  //  sunnies – anna karin karlsson  //  bracelet – hermes  //

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