Happy New Year my loves!  I hope all of your celebrations were amazing and that your new year resolutions have begun.  Most people are recapping their 2016 memeories, but I’ve decided to look ahead at what is to come.  A hot bod, healthy soul, making new friends in new places, taking the time to appreciate what I have (smelling the roses), letting go of frustrations, and sending love out into the world.  So in the spirit of spreading love, I have created a few collages full of essentials for the most common New Year’s Resolutions because let’s be honest, these always make the list every year.  And what better way to kick it all off than getting some new stuff for motivation!


Hit the gym this new year with the confidence that YOU WILL achieve that hot bod you’ve been dreaming of.  Investing in great work out gear and electronics may help to keep you motivated and on track.  One of my favorite products are the Samsung IconX earbuds, which feature a built-in MP3 player and Bluetooth Fitness Tracker.  Smart technology is great for beginners or pros because they keep a record of your progress and your sleep patterns.  The jump rope and two fitness tracking bracelets here also offer smart fitness technology.  I learned last year that learning to jump rope like boxers do is NOT easy.  It’s a fantastic cardio workout that you can do anywhere as long as you have enough space.  You’ll also need a great sports bra and quality work out attire.  Remember to sweat and to cleanse for great skin!


This is a big one.  If you’re trying to be healthy in all aspects, you must begin with your insides!  What you eat is what you are… so true!  I’ve made an oath to eat healthier and have made the hubs join the struggle!  And if you knew anything about his diet, you would know it’s a legit struggle.  Lol.  This goal is actually not very hard to keep up with once you get into the groove of things.  You’ll start to feel so much better and you’ll look great along the way.  Eating healthy makes a great difference when it comes to your energy, body, skin, and even the habits that you pick up.

The most important item to help you get started is a good cookbook that caters to the diet plan that you want to follow.  It helps to have a guide when learning to cook healthy.  The Naked Cookbook is perfect because it focuses on optimal health while featuring simple and flavorful recipes (Lamb Meatballs with Rhubarb Sauce, Smoked Tofu Panzanella with Figs, Hot and Spicy Seafood Soup with Crispy Shallots, Soba Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Mango) YUMMM SAUCE.  This book also features a whole chapter on detoxing recipes.  Another amazzzing option is the Eat Beautiful cookbook from Anthropologie. Eat Beautiful focuses on natural ingredients that will promote healthy skin and that will keep you looking and feeling young.

To help with your chopping, blending, storing, and weighing needs on this new cooking adventure, I’ve included items like the Electric SpiralizerNutribullet blender, Kitchen scale, and an Herb Keeper.  For a fun duo, you can also start growing some of your own herbs with the seed pot kit from Target.  Chia seeds and Goji berries are also going to add a boost to your health; look to superfoods for the best nutritional results.  I guess this is a two part new year goal for me.  Eating healthy and actually cooking at home.  If you follow me on IG stories, you have probably seen that I have a pretty dope kitchen.  I should probably use it huh?


Ohhh to relax.  I used the word frustrations earlier right?  And that this year I vow to let go of my daily frustrations and chill the f*ck out more.  I’m a little type A and controlling so imagine how easy that is for me to do.  There are so many little things that frustrate me that do not always have to matter, as much as I’m used to insisting that they do.  So taking time for myself and worrying less about everyone else is what I will strive to do.  It’s time to get zen in 2017 ladies.  2016 was all girl boss this and conquer the world that.  It turned us into giant balls of stress and raging beyotches.  So let’s ease up a little this new year yea?

To begin this goal of relaxation you need sexy lingerie, a comfy robe, and comfy slippers.  No clothing necessary.  Mix in some satin and lace into your routine of t-shirts and sweatpants to change up the vibes.  Throw in some soothing candles, your favorite playlist or tv show, and make the time to pamper yourself with moisturizers, an amazing facial treatment, and a cup of tea.  For an incredible beauty treatment, I’ve added two products that have continued to sell out at Sephora: The Peter Thomas Roth luxurious anti-aging treatment which features real 24K gold and colloidal gold and the Foreo Luna mini 2 cleansing device that can be used for all skin types and has eight settings.  Girls night in pleaaseee!  And if all else fails, do what I do.  Book yourself a spa day weeks in advance and let your stressful life make you forget that you did.  Then it’s like the best surprise ever when you get your calendar reminder!  Woot!


This one is not the easiest.  Especially when you’ve got that corporate grind and especially when you are in tax and feel like there is NEVER a good time to take vacations.  But I’ve learned the art of just booking the ticket and worrying about it later.  Especially with such great flight deals, you just have to keep your eyes open.  Get motivated and start saving for your dream trip by, first, starting an adventure fund (Jar of choice is provided above)!  Then decide where you want to go.  Buy a book on the place you’d like to visit OR buy a book on all of the places, such as The Travel Book- A Journey Through Every Country in the World to figure it out.  Then get a map, place it on your wall, and mark every country and city you’d like to visit!  Now, keep filling your jar and then fill it again.  Having these visual and tangible reminders of your goals can help you to reach each destination pinned on your map.  As you plan, grab some essentials to invest in that will become necessary when you’re traveling.  A passport (preferably one with a catchy phrase like “I’m Outta Here” lol), a camera (both digital and polaroid for the memories), and a portable charger (the fuzzy blue one above is also a mirror and an accessory pom pom keychain for your purse) are all essential for your trip.

Resolutions may seem so cliche every year but you should always make goals for yourself.  And if you fall off track, just keep resetting them for yourself.  No matter if it’s January or July, taking the time to reflect on your life and give yourself positive reminders is never a bad idea.  I am here rooting for all of you to achieve all of your goals this year!  Help me stay accountable on mine and call me out when I’m being lame!  Love you guys!  Cheers to 2017!