The holidays are almost here and so many of us are planning some holiday travel or planning for visitors who are coming into town.  If you are hosting this holiday season, I wish you luck as I always find that to be as stressful as it is rewarding.  Some of you may be traveling to family and others are traveling just to get away.  I, myself, will soon be traveling to get away.  My job makes it difficult to travel during the year so watching so many of my friends travel during the year got me all kinds of jealous.

That said, I am so excited that I will be in Europe for a much needed vacation! I will be spending 13 days straddling the Thanksgiving holiday in Paris, Barcelona, and London. In the spirit of packing and planning, I decided to create a holiday travel comfy shopping guide for those of you who are planning to fly away this season!  All three looks are to help you through those long international flights.

The most important thing to me on a flight is to be comfortable and entertained.  Nobody wants to wake up early and put on a ton of makeup, only to get back on a plane and sleep for 8 hours. But we can’t be getting on that plane looking like a slob either.  I suggest a light tinted moisturizer and some giant dark sunglasses as you board to your adventure.  If it’s a particularly long flight, I would go with a bare face and a tinted lip.  Night moisturizer works well for long flights as you’ll have plenty of time to let it illuminate your beautiful face for landing.

I’ve added GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER, which will moisturize all types of skin (normal, to oily, combination, and dry).  It will act to create a dewy glow and plump up your skin while protecting it from pollutants.  Face cream is sooo important, but falls second to a good eye cream; or in this case, an eye cream gel.  The DFI Anti-aging Viox Eye Cream Gel is made from volcanic lava and ocean water.  Last, but not least, I’ve added a nourishing advanced therapy lip balm by fresh SUGAR because my lips tend to get so dry on flights.

If you have family meeting you at the airport, or a boyfriend… or a beautiful stranger… and you want to show up looking cute, you can do this without sacrificing your sweats!  Instead of traditional sweatpants, I’ve got three looks for you to consider.  Fit for any type of girl, these options will allow room for movement and both the wide leg and leggings will allow stretch.  No restriction for curling up on the plane!  Sneakers and slip-ons are a must along with some type of hat or beanie if you are like me and don’t have time to figure out your hair before a flight.  All three looks will have you feeling comfortable without sacrificing a little style.

Now for the entertainment!  Pack your phone with music, movies, news, articles, or download a good book.  Being a fan of going old school, I always like to bring an actual book rather than read from an e-reader.  But if you go the electronic route, make sure that you make them available to you offline in case your flight doesn’t offer Wi-Fi.  The same goes for your laptop.  Download a good movie or documentary and make sure you can view it without Wi-Fi access.  Of course, for both, you’ll need a pair of good headphones to drown out stranger annoyances and/or that turbulence you were praying wouldn’t happen.  A couple of great reads would be #GIRLBOSS (a personal fave) and that new Harry Potter book!  Don’t judge… I read tax law on the daily so leisure reading is spent on fashion mags or Harry Potter.  You can spend this time reading books about your destination. Travel guides and books on recommended places to see are perfect to kill some air time if you are like me and find it hard to sleep on planes.  Other helpful items to bring along… sleeping pills, motion sickness pills, whatever pill you need if you are a nervous flyer.  My choice is usually vodka soda with two limes.  But yanno… you do you!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you find most of these options helpful and affordable through your travels this holiday season!  Bon voyage!  If you have any suggestions or must do/see/smell/eat/touch/etc… in Paris, Barcelona, or London please let me know!


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  1. November 18, 2016 / 11:32 am

    Great post babe! Love to read other bloggers who write well. Have a safe trip and enjoy <3