Hi loves!  We are talking about back to school today!  I don’t know about you but my school days seem so far behind me.  I certainly miss them.  I was one of the lucky ones where my parents saved up and were able to send me to college and took care of my living expenses.  God bless them.  This is probably why I miss my school days.  No bills.  No mortgage.  No real adult stress.  All my worries were limited to studying, waking up for classes, and the occasional college party aftermath.  I am definitely missing those days right now as I struggle through corporate tax busy season and just overall being an adult.  If you are still in school, enjoy every minute because adulthood is the worst!  Lol.

I went to college at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  I was there for 5 years and all I got was a lame Bachelors in Accountacy and Masters degrees in Tax.  Totes lame right?  NBD.  I actually was admitted in as an engineering major but quickly realized I was not cut out for that life, much to my dad’s dismay.  He is a total I.T. nerd and was hoping to raise one through me.  Isn’t that usually the case.  Parents want you to do what they do.  So I went for accounting instead, which seemed like such a smart idea at the time.  But as I sit here during labor day weekend with barely any sleep up to my eyeballs in state tax compliance, I wonder just how smart that idea was.  Although, it does pay for the mortgage on my beautiful home so I guess it all worked out.

Back then, I wanted to venture into fashion and design.  Something “arty” and cooler in my mind but true to Asian parent form, they were like “hells to the no!”  Being that they were the ones fronting the bill on that college thing, I ended up in Accounting and landing myself on a career path towards corporate tax.  It is highly lucrative, stable, and challenging but doesn’t really get my juices going if you know what I mean.  Hence the need for the blog.  Thank goodness for this and all of your support to keep me sane and keep my creative spirit alive.

That said, I’ve created some Back To School themed collages for you guys!  Each one revolves around a different type of college/school gal!  Which one are you?  Are you a combination of a few?  I think I was all of these at different stages in school.  Senior year was probably spent in sweatpants.  I hope you guys enjoy the looks and get inspired by the items I’ve picked out for you!  Almost all of these items are shop-able!  Just hover over the item and an icon should pop up that you can click that will take you right to where you can shop it.  This has got to be the part I miss the most.  Getting new clothes, new school supplies, new errrthang!  Don’t you just love a fresh new cute notebook and the feel of new pens?  I hope you enjoy the items I’ve put together!  Thanks for stopping by!  (if you are viewing on your phone, it helps if you zoom into the particular item to click on the + icon that pops up)







I hope you all have a great transition back to school or had a great time reminiscing on your back to school memories!



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  1. September 7, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    Gosh I relate so much to this post.
    I also got in in college to study engineering (just like daddy) but after one semester I switch to Business, when what I really wanted to study was Communications… And it was a hell to the no hahaha I guess asians and hispanics parents have that in common!
    Such a fun read Shai!
    Hope to see you soon!