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In the words of Beyonce… “I’m feelin’ myself… I’m feelin’ myself… I’m feelin’ my….”

Yes, I am digging this photo set hard.  So kudos to my photog/hubby wubby for being on point with the photography.  If you know anything about fashion bloggery photography, the hardest thing to find is nice even lighting.  Depending on the time of day and the weather, the sun can cast some pretty harsh shadows and sometimes tucking away from the sun makes the photos look dark.  All this means I have to stay up til the wee hours of the night correcting light issues on my photos.  So when we catch that perfect natural lighting, I do a little happy dance.  I really hope you like the images as much as I do as well as the outfit I put together.  We really try hard to learn from every shoot and challenge ourselves to push our images to be better and better with each post.  So I hope you all appreciate the work that goes into all these images.  =)

For this look, I thought I’d play around with a different way to incorporate my Lee-Lim bow into an outfit.  I’d like to say it added the perfect chic touch to an already dressy look.  It really popped off well against the white and blush color scheme I had going which reminds me of one of my favorite perfume boxes (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb).  I know what you are thinking… where do you go with an outfit like this.  Well… I dunno about you but I took this get-up out for an event that was hosted by Hendrick’s Gin at Galleria Marchetti.  Did it make that much sense… who knows.  Who cares!  I’m never one to really think THAT hard about being overdressed or underdressed.  Oh, and in case you missed the memo on over the shoulder tops… here’s the overall message of the season… GO GET ONE.  Get this particular one.  I’ve seen this top everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean a lot of bloggers have rocked this thing for months) so I just couldn’t help myself.  I just had to be one of them and snag the top for myself.  It’s actually quite long so it really helped that the culottes are a loose shape so you can’t tell that I have a material bunching situation happening all up inside of them.

So back to the event… Man Hendrick’s Gin sure knows how to throw a party!  It was an old-timey themed event, which I’m pretty sure I missed that memo, so it was quite a fun surprise.  They had actors around the event that really set the mood.  One guy was there specifically to write you a little haiku about cucumbers.  Friggin’ fabulous.  Not to mention all the gin cocktails floating around.  They had drink stations spread out that served different cocktails as well as some crazy contraption that churned out the perfect Negroni.  I love a really fantastic and refreshing gin cocktail and if you incorporate cucumbers in some way…. WINNER!  Although I really didn’t understand the purpose of the event… pretty sure I was confused on the whole cucumber thing… I had a great time!  Overall a fantastic event!  Did anyone see the Hendrick’s cucumber blimp?  Yea apparently that’s a thing.

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//  top – tibi  //  culottes – asos  //  shoes – stuart weitzman  //  bow – custom bow by lee-lim  //  sunnies – grey ant  //  jewelry – THANKS TO KENDRA SCOTT  //  bag – celine  //

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