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Back to school shopping was always always ALWAYS one of my favorite things to do.  The crisp feel of new notebooks or breaking open a new agenda.. burying myself in a mountain of different colored pens and markers… it’s the best feeling for a bright young student.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go to Target and raid the school supply section.  And not to mention the customary begging the parental units for a new wardrobe.  That’s always fun.  Shopping with your parents’ money.  Damn I miss those days.  The college years are the best because you are out of the house and really don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself and yet, your expenses are taken care of.  SUHWEEET!  I’m being bitter because I am a full fledged adult now and my bills don’t magically disappear anymore.  So yes… I miss those school days.

With all that in mind, I have put together this “back to school” inspired look.  We all should just admit it, at some point sweatshirts become the daily uniform, so why not have a cute one like this “Chic Happens” sweatshirt.  I paired it with a fun and flirty mini skater skirt… well… because… you know —–> boys.  But don’t forget those super black tinted shades to hide the bags on bags on bags happening under your eyes from late nights studying or you know… from those hangovers you will have going into Monday morning class.  Also, a great cross body satchel is a must have to lug around all those books.  Are there still even books around?  Or do you youngins just use your iPads and tablets in classes these days?

Obviously I’m not being realistic with these heels but I would try maybe for the first day of school when I want to believe that I will conquer life and still be rocking heels on the daily.  Swap them out for some Converse and it’s still a pretty kick ass outfit that screams “Hello world!  I am comfortable and I am stylish!”.  I topped it all off with a bow clip because I just wanted to be cute as all hell for these photos.  I hope you like the look!  And thanks so much for reading!

I’ve picked out some great back to school items for you!  Check them out!

What are some of your must have back to school items?

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//  sweatshirt – t&j designs  //  skirt – aritzia  //  shoes – jeffrey campbell (old) //  bag – proenza schouler  //  sunnies – grey ant  //

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