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An off the shoulder look for you guys as if you didn’t know that off the shoulder looks are all the rage this summer. Hehehe… I have always loved off the shoulder tops but it comes and goes in style so sometimes it can be hard to find. However this season it is everywhere and there are so many to choose from! I really liked the simplicity of this one and it pairs so well with another one of my long time faves… denim flares. I love how the right pair of flares can elongate your legs, which is kind of important when you are pocket sized like me. The trouble shorties find however is that most flares, actually most jeans in general, have inseams that are like… 34 inches or something. Does the general population have legs that long and I somehow missed the memo? Lucky for me, there was this invention called platform shoes. Making it possible for itty bittys like me to wear long flares. Don’t I look tall? =D I’ve picked out some great similar off the shoulder tops and flares for you at the bottom of this blog post. Also this exact top is on sale now for $25! Hurry while supplies last!  Hope you guys enjoy the look!  Happy hump day!

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//  top – asos  //  jeans – dl1961  //  bag – givency  //  shoes – nasty gal  //

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