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Well shoot… I better get this post out before it gets too hot in Chicago that this look will make no sense. Obviously I’m behind on posting. Pretty typical of me which is probably why you should follow me on Instagram for more updates and SNAPCHAT (my new addiction… username drunkonshoes) for even more real time goodness. Also if you have ever been curious to hear my voice and see me without fake lashes and makeup. Neither of which are cute. But it is what it is. Insert emoji of girl with hand out to the side.

So since I have no time to really ramble let’s get to it! I went shopping with my sister at top shop weeks and weeks ago and fell in love with this fun pom pom top! And did I mention it comes with matching shorts? Something about dangling balls right? So fun! Obviously I got the shorts too. I actually wore this look out at night for my friend Everything Erica’s 10K Instagram party. Funny story —> I was trying to take a funny snapchat with some large drink apparatus and lit my hair on fire. Mmmhmmm… that happened for real. Burnt hair smell all over the place. I sure know how to keep a party interesting. Hopefully the outfit was cute enough so the other people who didn’t see it happen didn’t assume it was me. Since it was kind of chilly and to be quite honest, I didn’t want to shave my legs, I wore some knee high boots. I love this pair because of the fun glitter surprise underneath. Plus they are platform so it gives me that fun height but still easy to walk in. And because I was feeling super black and white, I added my red Pont Neuf to add a color pop. My sunglasses, let’s talk about these for a second.  These are my new absolute favorite sunnies.  I can’t even explain it, I just love the way they look on my face!  Big enough but not oversized.  Slightly wings out on the corners but not too much to be cat-eye.  And the lens is not so dark that when you go indoors everything goes black.  So if you are looking for a classic black pair of sunnies for those days that you want to hide behind them, look no further!  And now… MORE PHOTOS!

pom_pom-3 pom_pom-2 pom_pom-1 pom_pom-7 pom_pom-6 pom_pom-5 pom_pom-8 pom_pom-9 pom_pom-10 pom_pom-13 pom_pom-12 pom_pom-11 pom_pom-16 pom_pom-15 pom_pom-17 pom_pom-18 pom_pom-20 pom_pom-19 pom_pom-14

//  top – top shop  //  shorts – zara  //  bag – louis vuitton  //  sunnies – grey ant  //  boots – miu miu  //

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