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Hey it’s 2015!  And hey, it’s my very first post for 2015!  Nothing like the first legit snowfall in Chicago to get us out and about to bring you our second episode of A Brunch Story.  I don’t know how many of these there will be but considering how much the hubster loves brunching, it could be quite a few.  Brunch is my way of bribing him to take blog photos for me.  Nothing like dangling eggs, bacon, pancakes and some sort of syrup to get him up and out the door with the camera in hand.  And nothing motivates him more than the rumble in his belly to make sure he gets that perfect shot and quickly.  LOLs!  I wish I was kidding.  The man loves to eat  (follow him on IG @tek1231).  And since I have been MIA in the kitchen due to having zero time and energy to cook, it’s been like a dream for him.  Exploring the city and eating his way through all the hot spots.  So brunch is perfect because we can combine our favorite things.  Food and Photography.  He gets his fill and I still get natural light to take some shots outside.  Wooooop!  This day was pretty fun, seeing the snow fall, until the wind started getting cray cray and started whipping it into my face.  It’s been such a weird winter so far.  No snow but bitter cold.  Not fun at all.  I guess it makes brunches so much better.  Warm hearty food and hot cups of coffee.  This episode features Grange Hall Burger Bar which obviously is known for it’s burgers.  The best thing about them is that it’s all farm to table.  So it’s guilt-free and amazing.  They also cater to vegans and vegetarians and those with gluten allergies.  Something for errrrybody.  Don’t know if I can say I 100% loved my salad with a veggie patty on top but it could be because I was staring at the hubby’s open faced breakfast burger.  Let me just describe it before you get to the photo of it.  Grass-fed beef burger patty, Canadian and applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, topped with a sunny-side-up egg, all over cinnamon-raisin french toast with Dodd’s 100% maple syrup drizzled all over it.  Enough to make your heart stop, and enough to make it worth it.  Unlike my hubby, I am trying to start the year being a good girl since I gorged for the holidays.  Okay, okay, maaaaaaaaybe I spent New Years day elbow deep in greasy Chinese take-out food… but a hangover gets what it wants so that doesn’t count.  Anyhoo!  I hope you guys enjoy my first 2015 post!  Where is your favorite brunch spot in the city?  Give us your recommendations for Episode Three!

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The Hubster and his traditional brunch bloody mary


Harrisan May’s Winter Salad with a Veggie Patty and Fried Egg


Open Faced Breakfast Burger


Side of Triple Berry Pancake

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