BOY OH BOY!!  I am so excited!  Let’s be honest here.  How often do you get to rock a gown and go to a Black Tie Event?  Okay, I mean the general masses and not anyone who is really part of a social circle that these things are common place.  I, myself, have never been to one such occasion.  It was my wedding day and then my ball gown days were over.  So for Glossed + Found to invite me to this event, I was all over it!  But because I don’t have a ball gown readily available nor am I willing to wear my wedding dress, I had to get creative and really dig deep into my closet.  What I came out with is pretty interesting.  I can’t wait to show you guys!  If you have no plans on Friday the 14th, why not join me for some fashion and drinks (my two favorite things) and snag a ticket to the Glossed + Found Official Party of the Costume Ball!  Best yet, you can get your ticket at half the price through Gilt City —–>  HERE

Hope to see you there!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram that night for real time insta-moments!

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