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And I rise from the depths alive and kicking!  Hey everyone!  I am back and hopefully I can churn out some posts for you until my next tax deadline plummets me into a sea of work papers and numbers and late nights.  As I’ve mentioned before, back in July I started a job at a new company as the new Tax Supervisor and it has been quite a change for me.  I am having more fun AT the office due to working under two insanely admirable and wicked smart bosses who crack me up just as much as they awe me with their tax knowledge.  I am also working a shit ton more hours because the department is small and the work load is not.  I haven’t felt this constant scramble on getting things done and running up to deadlines in quite a few years.  I’m also trying really hard to prove I’m worth the salary and the title.  Though lately I am feeling like I’m failing all over the place.  There wasn’t much room to get assimilated as we quickly dove into tax returns and statutory deadlines.  Hopefully I can get my stride soon.  I definitely tried to enjoy my last bits of summer amidst all the work.  I tried to soak up every ray of sunshine and took advantage of every open weekend.  This day was the last weekend of official summer and it was definitely a gorgeous one.  I started the day by getting a trim at one of my favorite salons in my area, Johnathan Breitung Salon.  I usually get my hair cut when I get my color done but in between, I like to go to my girl Sarah at JBS because she really gets what I mean when I say my hair is starting to feel heavy.  She really gets in there and texturizes like a magician while keeping my hair looking long.  I usually leave the salon swishing my hair side to side and strutting like a Kardashian.  Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy this last summer casual look!  I think this was my way of slowly transitioning into fall by playing with a knit sweater texture but as a tank.  Sigh.  Don’t think I’m ready for the chill just yet.

The next 4 weeks are going to be insane for me as I try to juggle a couple awesome collaborations, a giveaway, trying to get my hands on a rose gold iPhone 6 plus, and 10/15 state tax returns!  EEKS!  Wish me luck and please stay tuned on the blog.  Kissy kiss and huggy hugs!

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//  top – shae  //  denim – rag & bone  //  shoes – aldo  //  clutch – chanel  //  necklaces – cartier, thanks to love tatum, maya brenner  //  bracelet – hermes  //  earrings – thanks to t+j designs  //

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  1. September 25, 2014 / 12:44 pm

    Love your outfit Shai! It’s really chic and comfy, and those Aldo shoes really adds a great dose of glam to your ensemble! – Lena

    • November 14, 2014 / 11:39 am

      Thank you for the great write up, Shai. You’re hair looks gorgeous! Missing those summer days :/