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Hey you beautiful nuggets!  Something short and sweet because work has been busy as fuuuuuh…  But seriously though, these past couple of months have been an insane whirlwind and I’m not sure it’s quite over yet.  I did want to get something up for all you lovelies so here it is.  A simple peasant dress.  I have always loved peasant dresses mainly because they are so so easy to wear.  Effortless, a little quirky, and easy to make dressy with great shoes.  I can’t even remember where I got this from but I am not gonna lie… I found this in the way back of my closet still with the tags on.  Eeeks!  Lucky for me this hasn’t really gone out of style.  Or has it?  Eh, who knows.  I’ve gotta be the worst fashion blogger alive to not know these things.  All I know is that I like it and it still works for me.  So of course I went and Googled peasant dresses as a way to prove to myself that this isn’t that dated and I found quite a few on some of my favorite sites meaning I’m not completely out of the loop.  =D  What do you guys think?  Yay or nay?  Let’s be honest, if you say nay, I will just delete the shit out of your comment.  Puahaha.. JK JK!  I would never do that.  Haters are the best way to know you’ve made it right?!  Goodness I am writing crazy today.  Must be the lack of sleep.

Oh!  I did also want to say thank you to EVERYONE who read my previous post.  It was probably one of the hardest things to get down in words and probably the first time you all have seen me seriously write.  I can’t even describe the roller coaster of emotions that flooded in from the responses and private messages I got from so many amazing people who also wanted to share a piece of their story with me.  I am humbled and in awe of the courage some of you took to reach out to me and share such a private piece of yourselves.  So thank you so much.  You all have made sharing that story a million times more worth it.  It was rough going for a bit.  Writing while crying is no easy feat.  I had tears and snot just cascading down my face and I knew I couldn’t stop because of my own internal deadline.  I was one hot sobbing mess, but it all lead to my emotions pouring into every sentence and I am so happy at how it came out.  I never imagined it would reach out to so many of you and it automatically reaffirms my belief that we all share common threads and the more we open up to the world the pieces of who we are, the more meaningful the connections we make become.  I really try my best to respond to anyone who reaches out to me for anything so please keep the comments, messages, random questions, notes, etc etc coming.  Not only do I love reading all of it, it makes me feel so cool.  I hope you enjoy all the things I have to share.  Some might suck but I’ll try to make it entertaining in some way.  And please also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  Those get updated more frequently with random content and kind of give you a window to my day to day stuffs.  Once again, thank you thank you THANK YOU everyone for the support and warm fuzzies!  I friggin’ love you guys!  
















//  dress – old  //  belt – even older  //  bag – bcbg (also old)  //  purple pouch – thanks to gigi new york  //  necklaces – thanks to gorjana, maya brenner  //  shoes – lanvin (yet again, old)  //  bracelet – giles and brother  //

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