Hay gurl haaayyyyyyyyy…. look who went blonde.  Hahaha.  I’ve definitely been craving a drastic change lately and it’s taken quite a bit of attempts to get me to this color but oh em geeeeee… I love it!  I wanna thank Miss Beth over at Epoch Studio Salon for my new goldilocks!  It feels so good when you find someone you can trust with your hurrrr and keeps it real throughout the process.  What do you guys think?  Is this look a keeper?

Lately I’ve been going through these moods of wanting change or just taking a stab at that million dollar question of “What do I want out of my life?”  Maybe it’s because I am turning 30 this Saturday.  Do you like how I just kind of snuck that in there?  LMAO.  Yes, this gal is turning the big 3-0.  And no, I’m not going to sit here and whine about how I’m getting old or how my life is now going to come to a halt or all those other crazy things women say when they turn 30.  I am actually very excited to venture into my 30s.  I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I plan to continue to stay that way.  But it does make you think about things.  My career, my aspirations, my passions…. hmmmmm.  What do I see myself doing in the future, and am I on that track?  What am I really passionate about and what small mark do I really want to leave in this world?  GAH!  Who the hell knows!?!?  Things I do know.  I have a good life.  I can pay my bills and enjoy things a majority of the world can’t.  I have a husband who I fall more and more in love with lately after going through a lot of roller coaster years together.  I have my pup who brings such a light in my life just by sitting there staring at me.  I have my dad and my sister who is just the right amount of family for me and I have a close knit of friends who understand who I am and love me for it.  And most importantly, I have a guardian angel that watches over me each and every single moment of my life.  Really what else is there?  I most definitely have ZERO complaints.  So what is this nagging feeling of “So what’s next?”  Quite honestly, I just don’t know.  Is this where I should tell you things I learned in my 30 years?  Puahahaha.  Maybe I’ll share all that after this weekend because I do feel like I learned a lot in the past 10 years but I also know I have way more that I don’t know about.  So what was this rant all about?  That, I don’t know either.  But this is my blog and I can rant if I want to and make zero sense if I want to!  Luckily there are pictures so you can just focus on that today.   Do you guys every get those days where you just think “What the heck am I doing?”  How do you deal with those days?  Should I just get over myself and go shopping?  Maybe I’m just hungry.  Mk byeeeeeeeee.

//  Coat – Aritzia  //  Sweater – H&M  //  Bag – Proenza Schouler  //  Jeans – Citizens of Humanity  //  Shoes – Isabel Marant  //  Sunnies – Chanel  //

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  1. February 17, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    In love with that coat and of course your hair!!! I hope you keep the blonde for a bit, it looks beautiful on you!

  2. February 19, 2014 / 12:31 pm

    1. I LOVE the hair! 2. I feel the exact same way, you’re not alone. 3. If nothing else, I think we’ve learned a LOT in the last 30 years… I mean we used to wear flannels and not in a cute way. Love you!

  3. February 19, 2014 / 3:53 pm

    What is that missing piece? I meant in your life. That feeling of “whats next..?” What could possibly fill your desires and be completely satisfied with it? That’s what I have learned when I got to my big 3-0. Nothing really gave me complete satisfaction, I was trying so hard to fill the void that was just leaking out. I hope you find “It” soon. A firm purpose in your life, a complete satisfaction.